Easy To Install Dog Fencing

High-strength, weather-resistant polypropylene mesh grid dog fencing has become the method of choice for keeping your dog safe without changing the aesthetics of your property.

  • Long term property protection
  • DIY - Easy installation - No electricity required!
  • Safely keeps your dog in and other animals out!
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Best Friend Fence Dog Fence

Our dog fencing is a visually appealing, strong dog fence that safely keeps your dog within a designated area without the use of electric wires, unattractive designs, or costly dog fence products.

At Best Friend Fence our customers and their pets are our top priority. In keeping with this concept, our experts have taken all of the stress and guesswork out of purchasing a dog fence enclosure. Our carefully constructed Dog Fence Kits include everything that you need to easily install a virtually invisible barrier on your property. When installed according to our specific instructions, these dog fences will keep your pets safe and ensure your property and landscape years of protection from destructive deer.

With all of our DIY kits, we at BFF offers high-quality dog fences/netting that is especially created for maximum flex, strength, and durability. The UV treated, black polypropylene mesh (1.75" x 1.75") attached easily to existing trees or to our Best Friend Posts for superior protection and an aesthetically pleasing design. Best Friend Fence dog fence is a cost-effective option for the discerning pet owner.

Safe Dog Fencing

One major responsibility that you have as a dog owner is to protect your animal from physical harm from sources outside the yard. An effective method of doing this is to install a protective barrier that helps to keep the dog in your yard and away from other animals or out of the street where cars are whizzing by at fast speeds. Benner's Best Friend Fence offers quality dog fencing that keeps your dog in the designated area in order to prevent it from the potential risk of injury or becoming lost. This fence is a safe method to safeguard your dog's well-being.

Our fencing is constructed from a black polypropylene mesh that is UV resistant, and is durable enough to last for years while still being an attractive addition to your yard. At distances of more than 20 feet, the fence is practically invisible to all who pass by your property. With this fencing, you can keep your dog from wandering off your property without blocking the view of your attractive landscaping features. The Benner's Best Friend Fence allows you to show off the gorgeous results of your efforts at cultivating your lawn, shrubs, trees and garden without the distraction of unsightly wood-paneled or chain-link fencing.

A Novel Approach to Dog Fences

We are dedicated to giving you dog fences that are a humane and safe way to keep your dog from running away. We have found a fencing solution that is strong enough to prevent your dog from escaping it, but at the same won't be harsh and potentially injure your dog like more contemporary fencing solutions. Chain link fences can create sharp edges that can be a hazard for your dog. They also have a tendency to rust due to unfavorable weather. Rust can be horrible for your dog's well being, if they happen to ingest it. Or imagine what metal will do to your dog's teeth if they find a way to chew on the fencing. Chain link fences are easy to escape from, if your dog digs deep enough as well.


Wooden fences are just as undependable. Wooden fences tend to rot and weaken as they get older, and as they suffer through the elements. In time, wooden fences will deteriorate, and start to splinter, and cause sharp edges that again, could potentially injure your dog. Also as pieces fall off of the fence, your dog could accidentally ingest them, and pieces of wood are not on the list of healthy things for your dog to eat, we can assure you. They are also visually obstructive and take away from the aesthetic value of your yard and seclude you from the rest of the neighborhood. Not to mention they draw a lot of attention away from the beautiful landscaping that you have put hard work into.

Our Dog Fence Kits are a durable option for your yard.

On top of the fact that it is virtually invisible at a certain distance, it also is safe for your dog. Dogs can become caught in chain-link fencing or hurt if they try to chew it. Wood fences deteriorate over time, and this may allow a piece to break off to create an opening through which your dog may escape the yard. In addition, your dog might try to eat the rotting wood, and this action may hurt its mouth or digestive tract. Our fencing contains a mesh that is fine enough that your dog will not be able to stick its nose through it. On top of this, the materials in the mesh do not decompose throughout the years. 

Another feature of the Benner's fence for dogs is the fact that it prevents dogs, cats and other creatures from entering into your backyard. A benefit such as this provides additional security, especially when your house is in a rural area where wildlife is present. Also helping to mitigate Lyme disease by keeping deer and ticks out of your yard. At the same time that you keep your dog safe, you will also safeguard your landscaping from an invasion of rabbits, deer, groundhogs or other wild creatures. Not only can you customize the size of your Benner's fence for dogs, but you also can add extra stabilization to the fence to ensure that it stays in place securely and that your pet will be unable to dig out under it. Benner's Gardens fence for dogs with all its numerous benefits is the ideal protective measure to install when you need to create a safe place for your dog to play in daily.

Protect your fence: deter rodents and critters!

Are rabbits, groundhogs, and other small animals wreaking havoc on your landscape and garden? Best Friend Fence Chew Guard and Rodent Barrier will provide the necessary protection against the damage of small critters.

Free product samples and catalogs are available for our dog fences. Call 1-800-753-4880 to speak to a representative or email us at [email protected]

Featured Products
Puppy's Paradise
Puppy's Paradise is our Standard Kit. Perfect for small or young dogs.
Starting at $331.00
Rover's Retreat
Rover's Retreat is our kit with Chew Guard for extra protection.
Starting at $402.00
K9 Court
K9 Court has heavy duty fencing and Chew Guard. Ideal for larger dogs.
Starting at $518.40
Duke's Domain
Duke's Domain is our "Top Dog" kit. Great for strong or active dogs.
Starting at $781.02
Feline Fortress Plus
Includes special arms to prevent your climbing cat from escaping
Starting at $562.99
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Complete Fence Kits
Our carefully constructed Fence Kits include everything you need to install a virtually-invisible barrier on your property.
Fence Rolls
Our fencing is virtually invisible and weather resistant. No rust or rot to distract from landscaping.
Access Gates
Our gates are lightweight, easy to install, match your fence and give you easy access in/out of your yard.
Posts and Accessories
Build your own customized fencing system with our post kits, accessories, and other tools.
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Quickly and easily convert any existing fence system into a secure pet playground with our kits.