5 Ways Detection Dogs Make the World a Better Place

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An average dog has 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose. That is fifty times what humans have. No wonder some people believe that dogs can know what you had for breakfast.

It’s hard to picture a sense of smell more elaborate than yours but picture this. The part of the brain devoted to smell is forty times greater in dogs than in humans. Scientists have channeled this olfactory capacity to the greater good.

Here are 5 ways how detection dogs all around the world are making the world a better place.

1. Detection of Covid19

It may sound crazy but a group of medical researchers from the University of Pennsylvania set out to find whether detection dogs can sniff out the virus.

At the moment, a group of research dogs is being trained to sniff out the unique scent of SARS-CoV-2, the causal virus of Covid19.

The trained dogs can identify this odor in saliva and urine. Moreover, if the dogs can detect the Covid scent on clothes then detection canines come in handy when policing stadiums and airports.

2. Detection Dogs Sniff Out Hypoglycemia.

Any detection dog company can tell you that they are very selective when choosing medical canines. Canine behavior such as their eagerness to please, their response to reward, and their ability to bond with humans is thoroughly investigated.

Those with high emotional intelligence are trained to detect hypoglycemia in diabetic patients and then taught to discriminate the scent from other equally attractive ones.

Dogs can alert patients to sugar levels as early as twenty minutes before their devices do. This allows a patient to take timely control measures.

3. Canine Security

People have appreciated outdoor events more with the pandemic. Festival organizers are turning to canine security as the demand for quality-oriented approach increases.

Detection dogs are specially trained to sniff out firearms, drugs, and even explosives at events. Besides, their bodies allow easy maneuvering in large crowds.

Canine security firms are always eager on how they can help reduce illegal drug usage in festivals.

4. Fight Against Cancer

Is there anything that these dogs can’t do? They can detect cancer as early as stage one even with difficult types such as ovarian cancer.

Their sense of smell is so keen that they can detect ovarian cancer in one drop of blood from someone with the illness.

5. Detection of Microbes

Detection dogs have contributed more to the medical world with their ability to sniff out antibiotic-resistant microbes.

These superbugs manifest themselves in vulnerable diseases like diarrheas and more serious illnesses that can cause death. The doctor dogs can stop this in their tracks

Detection Dogs Making the World a Better Place

Time and again, dogs have reminded men why they are best friends. Turns out these cute animals are good for more than companionship.

Detection dogs are saving lives in more ways than we imagined a few years ago. Yet research shows that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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