Do You Have What it Takes to Own a Puppy?

Posted by Best Friend Fence on 10/12/2022 to Dog Training
Do You Have What it Takes to Own a Puppy?

Do You Have What it Takes to Own a Puppy?

You've been thinking about it for weeks now. A puppy would be the perfect addition to your family. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to consider. Owning a puppy is a lot of work, and not every family is cut out for it. In this blog post, we'll go over what you need to think about before buying a puppy so that you can decide if you're truly ready for the commitment.


Are You Ready for the Expense?

The first thing you need to think about is whether or not you're prepared for the expense that comes along with owning a puppy. They may be small, but puppies require a lot of supplies. From food and bowls to leashes and toys, you'll need to be ready to shell out some serious cash upfront. And that's not even taking into account things like vet bills and obedience classes! So ask yourself, are you financially prepared to take on a puppy?


Do You Have Enough Time?

Another important factor to consider is whether or not you have enough time to care for a puppy. Puppies need a lot of attention, which means they're not the best pet for busy families who are always on the go. If you're gone all day for work or school, it's probably not a good idea to get a puppy. Instead, you might want to consider getting an older dog who doesn't require as much hands-on care. 


Are You Ready for the Mess?

Puppies are cute, there's no denying it. But they're also messy! From shedding fur everywhere to making accidents on the carpet, puppies definitely know how to make a mess. If you're not someone who enjoys cleaning up after other people (or animals), then a puppy might not be the right pet for you. 


Where to look online for a new puppy

There are a number of websites where you can find puppies for sale, but not all of them are created equal. When you're looking for a reputable breeder, be sure to do your research beforehand. A good place to start is the American Kennel Club's website, which offers a list of breeders who have been certified by the AKC. You can also check out websites like Puppy Finder and Next Day Pets to find puppies in your area. If you are looking for puppies under $500 check out



Puppies are undeniably adorable, but they're also a lot of work. Before buying a puppy, make sure you're prepared for the expense, the mess, and the time commitment that come along with owning one. Only then will you be able decide if you're truly ready for the responsibility of being a puppy parent!