Dog Fence Installation Techniques

Posted by Janice Mullins on 7/15/2020 to Dog Fence
Dog Fence Installation Techniques
Dog Fence Installation

Best Friend Fence is incredibly easy to install. Each roll of material weighs between 15 and 38 pounds (depending on the size and length you choose). Using simple hand tools, a Best Friend Fence system of up to 500 linear feet can usually be installed by two people in one day! We offer different heights and grades of fence and fence kits to suit almost any situation and budget.

Once any necessary support posts have been installed, the black mesh grid (black is the least visible color outdoors) is easily unrolled from tree to tree (up to 20' spacing between trees) or from post to post (10' to 18' apart depending on post type). It is perfectly acceptable to "zig-zag" the fence line to connect to pre-existing trees. The more trees that are used, the less noticable the fence will be.

Zip ties secure the fence to the posts, and up to five - 3" long nails are recommended for attaching the product to each tree. The Fencing is easy to stretch tight by hand, but if a perfectly straight appearance along the top is desired, or an overly aggressive dog is being contained, then our Nylon Tension Cable is suggested along the top, and possibly through the middle of the fence. This cable is easily attached to the fence with the Hogringer.

The most crucial accessory is the ground stake. These steel "pins" have a kinked shaft and secure the fence to the ground every 5' – 6' along the bottom of the fence. This ensures that dogs and/or deer will not push under the fence. For pet enclosures it is suggested that the material be "flared" 6" along the bottom in towards the enclosed area.

If your fence will be functioning as a dual pet containment/deer exclusion barrier, then you will need to use the 7.5' high material. This will keep deer from being able to jump over the fence. Benner's 7.5' high Best Friend Fence will also greatly reduce the numbers of Lyme Disease carrying deer ticks inside the protected area…another added bonus. To find out more about our product functioning as a deer barrier, please visit our other website at:

IMPORTANT: Each and every Best Friend Fence order comes complete with detailed installation instructions and diagrams. The product is incredibly easy to install, but we have learned a few techniques through the years that will make your installation experience all the more "Friendly."

Dog Fence Installation Guides:

You can download our Dog Fence Installaiton Guide in PDF format by clicking the link below - and then watch the installation videos for step by step instructions for installing your fence in your yard. 

Click here for our Dog Fence Installation Guides - Downloadable PDFs

Dog Fence Installation PART 1:
Walking the Fence Line & Inserting Post Sleeves


Dog Fence Installation PART 2:
Inserting Post into Sleeve


Dog Fence Installation PART 3:
Straightening Fence Post



Unrolling the fence hd posts and zip tying