How to Choose a Dog That's Perfect For Your Family

Posted by Best Friend Fence on 12/20/2020
How to Choose a Dog That's Perfect For Your Family

Did you know that dogs are one of the most popular pets in America? Well, it's true. Of the 60% of people that keep a pet around their home for love and companionship, 73% have chosen to put a dog first in their heart and their home.

If you're about to join the ranks of these individuals, you're making a great choice. Before you can meet your new best friend, however, you'll need to pick the perfect pup to fit in with your family and lifestyle. Read on to learn how to choose a dog that's perfect for your needs!

Consider Your Lifestyle

The first thing to do when considering what dog to get is your lifestyle. If you plan to add a dog to your family, you likely have already considered whether or not you have the time and energy to take care of it. However, different dogs have different needs, and some are higher-maintenance than others are.

If you don't have a lot of spending money, you won't want to get a high-maintenance breed like a poodle. An energetic Australian Shepard likely isn't the right choice for those who need a lot of alone time or spend all day at a full-time job. Don't get a pup that needs more attention than you have to offer- if you do, your furry friend will be lonely and anxious, which is obviously not what you want!

Instead, consider low-maintenance breeds like French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, and King Charles spaniels. These dogs need alone time, just like people do, so they won't be offended if you can't be around 24/7.

On the flip side, if you want 24/7 attention from your dog, that's awesome. Brussels Griffons and Border Collies always want to spend time with their favorite person and offer them unconditional love.

Talk to Your Family

It's important to involve everyone in the family in the decision of which dog to get. After all, your furry friend is going to love everyone. You're adopting a new member of your family, so don't forget to talk to your partner, your children, and anyone else who will live with you!

Browse pictures online together to look at some dog breeds that you're considering. Children will especially be enthusiastic to be involved in the process. This doesn't mean that you need to give them free rein over what dog to get, but giving them some input makes them feel important and excited for when you actually bring in your new pet.

Consider Breeders vs Shelter Dogs

When selecting a dog, many people don't think twice before calling the breeder and asking them to tailor-make the perfect pet for them. For example, if you want a purebred Perro de Presa Canario, you can have a litter bred and select the perfect dog for you from that litter. This is a great way to find a puppy if you have a specific breed in mind for your family.

However, this isn't something that you necessarily need to do if you don't want to spend extra money. Choosing dogs from kennels is a great way to give an animal in need a loving home, and you won't miss out in any way. If you don't need a purebred dog or don't have a specific breed in mind that you want to adopt, head to your local shelter and look at available pets.

If you live a low-key lifestyle, shelter dogs are also a good choice because they offer the opportunity to offer older dogs a home. Mature pets are calmer and sleep more, meaning that you don't need to keep up with a fast puppy. On the other hand, breeders offer newborns to families who have children with a lot of energy and want to play 24/7.

Find a Dog You Bond With

Regardless of how you go about getting your new best friend, it's important to make sure that you bond with the animal that you're taking home. If you go to a breeder, there will generally be a litter of 5-6 puppies that you can choose from. You can go to view these babies and find one that you form an immediate connection with.

If you choose shelter dogs, you will have an even wider selection. Head over to the kennel and interact with various dogs until you find one that you could see loving for the rest of its life.

Another option for giving a pre-existing dog a loving home is to ask breeders if you can view dogs from previous litters that were not selected by the family that bred them. Just because another pet owner chose another member of the litter over the remaining pups doesn't mean that one won't be the perfect fit for your home!

Making sure that you actually enjoy the personality of your dog before taking it home is essential to a happy adoption. If you take a completely unknown puppy home and find that it doesn't have the personality you want, you may unconsciously not treat it with the love that it deserves. Make sure that this doesn't happen by meeting your potential pets beforehand and making the right choice.

Beyond How to Choose a Dog

Now that you know how to choose a dog that's a perfect fit for your family, it's time to prepare for the arrival of your new best friend!

Besides getting food, dog toys, and opening your heart to a new member of the family, you'll need to get a yard fence to ensure that your pup can exercise safely. Check out the 'dog fence kits' tab on our home page to learn more about the ways that you can contain your dog within your yard. We offer a huge variety of options for any breed of furbaby, so check it out.