Stand Down: Best Guard Dogs for Families

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Stand Down: Best Guard Dogs for Families

Did you know that having a furry friend in the house can help to make your entire family happier and healthier? Dogs keep us active, provide affection and help to improve mental health — they are especially beneficial for children

Perhaps you know this already. And now you're looking for a dog for companionship as well as protection for your family. There are plenty of amazing guard dogs who will be fierce protectors and courageous guards. 

So, what are the best guard dogs for families? Check out this guide to powerful and protective breeds that are also affectionate and loving. 

German Shepherd 

This breed is considered one of the best guard dogs in the world. They have for a long time been used in the military and the police as they are highly intelligent and very protective. 

But they make amazing family dogs too. These dogs are loving and affectionate with their family members and will treat you and the rest of the family as if you're part of a pack. 

German Shepherds are super intelligent and highly trainable, as well as fearless protectors of their family. 

Saint Bernard 

These dogs are massive with an intimidating size and appearance, which lends to their guard dog abilities. Their impressive size will fend off any intruders. But Saint Bernards are also one of the best family dogs - loyal, loving, and protective over their pack, especially kids. 

They are gentle and intelligent - so while they are not good attack dogs, they will always warn their owners of potential threats. 

Check out these facts about this amazing breed that will make you fall in love with Saint Bernards. 


When it comes to loyal canines, it doesn't get much better than Akitas. Originally bred for guarding royals and nobles in Japan, you can expect the same protective treatment from your Akita pup. 

These dogs don't need much training for their guarding duties, as it comes quite naturally to them. They are silent protectors and don't bark unless something is clearly wrong. Otherwise, they'll quietly go about their investigative duties. 

This breed is the best medium to large size family protection dog who will also be a loyal companion. 


This bulldog and mastiff cross is a strong and fearless breed with a phenomenal sense of danger and threats. They have a powerful appearance that will ward off anyone or anything attempting to harm their family and owners. 

Bullmastiffs are pack animals and strong attack dogs. However, when raised from a puppy in one family, these dogs are incredibly gentle and loving with their 'pack' members. 

The breed is a born protector, originally bred to defend game from poachers, yet requires training to develop its natural instinct and skills. 

Doberman Pinscher 

These dogs have a bad reputation for being aggressive. However, any 'Dobie' owner will tell you that they are docile, gentle, and loving with their family. They have a goofy side too which will always make you smile. 

Doberman Pinschers are very loyal and respond well to training. However, their natural protective instincts mean that you won't have to spend a lot of time on guard dog skill training.

These dogs have are speedy and are good for families with large properties that need guarding. Dobermans also have high intelligence and are very alert. If your family has an active lifestyle and you're looking for a courageous protector, these dogs make great companions. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback 

You can imagine that a dog originally bred to hunt lions will be an incredible guard of both family and property. Ridgebacks are stunning dogs that are very loyal and have natural instincts and abilities that will shine through, even without training. However, obedience training is encouraged for these dogs as they are quite independent. 

They are not very vocal, so you won't be running off in reaction to false alarms. If your Ridgeback barks, you know something is up. 

While they are fierce guard dogs, this breed loves to cuddle and receive affection from its family. They make lovely family dogs and are top guard dogs for first-time owners.


This breed is the quintessential guard dog, but they also are one of the best family dogs. Very loyal and intelligent, Rottweilers are relentless protectors of their 'pack.'

It's important to note that because these dogs are naturally aggressive and aloof with strangers, it's encouraged to have them professionally trained. They are loving and ready-to-please if raised in one family from a puppy and treated correctly. 

If you work to socialize Rottweilers starting when they're puppies, they are amazing and loving dogs. There is no limit to their capabilities, from herding to carting — and of course, guarding. 

Great Dane 

How about a dog the size of a small horse? Nothing and no one will mess with a Great Dane! These dogs are top of the list of best guard dog breeds for families with children.

While their size and stature are intimidating, the personality of a Great Dane is more akin to a cuddly lapdog. They are incredibly gentle, loving, and patient with children.

Their guard dog abilities rely on their size, acting as a deterrent rather than a protective instinct. 

Choosing the Best Guard Dogs for Families

Before you choose your newest pack member from this list of best guard dogs for families, you should carefully consider what you're looking for in a dog. Are you looking for a breed with attack skills, such as a Rottweiler? Or a more gentle and loving dog with imposing size, such as a Great Dane? 

Each of these breeds are wonderful guard dogs and family dogs. When you decide on the best dog for you and your family, you're sure to find the perfect companion and protector.  

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