What Is an ESA Certificate?

Posted by Best Friend Fence on 8/25/2021
What Is an ESA Certificate?

Today, there are about 89.7 million dogs and 94.2 million cats as pets in the United States. You love your pet and know that they have the power to make you feel better. In uncertain times, it's nice to have an ESA certificate for them to come along with you.

What is an ESA certificate and what's the benefit of one? Read on to explore all about ESA certificates and how you can get your furry friend one today!

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

There are different programs you can sign up for an ESA certification such as https://americanservicepets.com/sa/esa-certification-new-york/. An emotional support animal has legal rights to live and travel with you easier than a non-ESA animal. 

In order to prove that you have an ESA pet, you'll need to provide a letter from a licensed mental health professional. It needs to show that your pet will help improve your life in some way. 

While service animals have specialized training for those with physical disabilities, emotional support animals do not. The good news is that there isn't a breed or age limitation when it comes to this. 

Steps To Receive an ESA Letter

First, you'll receive the ESA letter from your therapist. It'll show the disability description, the signature of the therapist, your name, and the activity that you can't do without your pet. 

Once you do this, then you'll find a website to receive your ESA certification. Some sites might be able to issue you an ESA letter and certification altogether. 

Once complete, you can then buy a vest for your pet to show that they're an emotional support animal. Make sure that you check rules and regulations before you travel with your pet since some flights might not allow them. 

Why Choose an ESA Certification? 

The benefit of an ESA certification is that you can have your pet live with you without regulations saying that you can't. Even if it says no pets, you're allowed to have an ESA animal. Pet fees can't be charged either according to the Fair Housing Act. 

This is because your pet is deemed necessary for your emotional support. Having this letter can help protect you from discrimination from a landlord. This means that you can request a refund from them once you prove that your pet is an ESA animal. 

As far as airlines, the government now states that airlines don't have to accept your pet. This is due to them not being recognized as service animals. Some airlines will so check their rules prior to booking. 

Exploring What an ESA Certificate Is

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what an ESA certificate is. You should also understand that it's not the same as a service animal. 

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