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Best Friend Fence: Dog Kennel Fencing

Best Friend Fence has been your top choice for fencing for dog kennel for over 15 years. We have provided you with a safe and humane way to contain your dog in to the confines of your yard. We have found a way to contain your dog in a designated area without having to use harmful electric shocks or construction material that can harm your dog. Our dog kennel fencing is constructed of a polypropylene composite that isn't only durable but it's also safe. In fact, it's designed to last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance required. It's made to be UV resistant, and also has anti-oxidants to make it strong enough to brave the elements without becoming damaged or rusting.

More Information About Our Fencing for Dog Kennels

Many don't realize that when they construct their kennels from chain-link or wooden fences, it can pose a serious health risk to their dogs. Chain link fences can rust, leaving them weekend, and they could also develop sharp edges that could potentially severely injure your dog. Wooden fences eventually start to weaken in the rain, and as the wood starts to rot, pieces could fall off of the fencing, and your dog could accidently ingest a piece of it. Our polypropylene fencing material is strong, and the mesh construction of the fence makes it practically "Chew-Proof". The holes in the fencing makes it possible to watch your dog and are designed to be just small enough, that your dog won't be able to stick their nose through one of them, to get their teeth on the fence. This makes it impossible for your dog to chew their way through to escape or at the very least, chew a piece of the fence off, causing an injury. Best Friend Fence alleviates these possible scenarios by offering you a dog kennel fencing solution that is as harmless as it is functional. It can withstand harsh weather, and still remain protective.

A Safer Solution for Your Kennel

Our kennel fencing is much safer then tethering your dog in your yard as well. A tether depends on the strength of the mounting spike, which can be pretty unreliable, especially if your dog gets excited, and outruns the designated length of chord provided. This can either cause a neck injury to your dog, as they get jerked back to their specified area or the mounting spike could break free from the ground and your dog can then escape. Either of these situations can have detrimental effects on the safety of your dog. It also depends on a leash or chord that isn't safe for your dog either. While your dog is running around your yard, the chord can accidently wrap around your dog. The leash also drags through your yard and causes damage to your grass. It will leave a perfect circle of dead grass around the circumference of the tether. These types of systems do not benefit you or your dog. With a dog kennel fencing system for Best Friend Fence, you can be sure that your dog is free to roam their designated territory and you won't have to worry about injury or escape.


fencing for a dog kennel

Another great benefit to our kennel system is that it doesn't take away from the aesthetic value of your yard. The fence is designed to be virtually invisible from over 20 feet away. Your dog will be properly contained, and your backyard won't look like a prison. The mesh fencing design offers your dog protection without being visually obstructing. Its a dog run fencing system that will keep your dog safe, and is very low profile.

The installation process is simple as well. It's designed to be easy to assemble and implemented with minimal digging. All you have to do is install the steel posts around the perimeter of the area you want to designate, fasten the mesh fencing to the post with the heavy duty zip ties provided, and you're done. It's a simple process that comes with a lot of results, and the best part about it is that you don't have to hire a professional to have it installed. The kit comes with everything you need to give your dog the kind of protection it deserves.

The Best Dog Fencing Solution Available

The kennel system from Best Friend Fence is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a great way to contain their dog, but are worried about their dog's safety. Our dog fencing systems' strength and durability will safeguard your pets from running away, and will safeguard your wallet from having to constantly pay for up keep and replacement for other types of conventional fencing. Best Friend Fence knows how important your dog is too, and that's why we want to offer you the best available option.

The Fence Virtually Disappears

Our dog kennel fences are difficult to see from distances as close as fifteen feet which means it will not take away from the appearance of your home or kennel. The black color of the fence, coupled with the very thin profile creates a "virtually invisible" effect which makes the fence difficult see both during the day and at night.

A main concern of homeowners is that they do not want a large and obtrusive dog fence that will affect the aesthetic view of their property and landscape. Our dog fences are specifically designed to reduce the appearance of the fence without compromising on strength and endurance

Everything You Need is Included

When you order our dog kennel kit you will receive everything you need to create a complete enclosure for your property. Each of our kits includes heavy duty fencing material, support posts, ground stakes, and zip ties. We also include a detailed and easy to understand set of instructions which will guide you step by step on how to install the fencing. Additional accessories are also so that you can create a customized enclosure system that meets all of you and your dog's needs. At Best Friend Fence we want the installation to be as simple as possible for you or your business. Please make sure to visit our dog fence accessories page to find other great tools to use with your dog kennel fences.

Safe and Secure Environment

You will rest assured knowing that your dog or pet is safely being contained with our Best Friend Fence fencing for dog kennels. Our product safely keeps your dog in a secure area but it will also defend from any other animals from entering your property.

There are many reasons to purchase our fencing for your dog kennel and we invite you to order one today. A Best Friend Fence enclosure gives your dog or pets the ability and freedom to safely play or roam in your yard or kennel. You won't have to worry about the dog being able to escape or other animals being able to enter your property. We look forward to working with you or your business in the near future and if you have any questions please make sure to contact us.