Dog Proof Fence

Dog Proof Fence from Best Friend Fence

The dog proof fence from Best Friend Fence has become the ideal choice for dog owners who want to keep their pet in a safe and secure environment without the use of an electric dog fence. Our dog proof fence is a low cost and dependable alternative to the traditional wooden or chain link fencing and is also a lot easier to install and maintain. Best Friend Fence will provide you with the safest dog proof fence for your pet.

Our dog proof fence gives you the ability to keep your dog behind a secure fence in a designated area where you have the ability to choose the dimensions of the dog fence. The safe and durable fencing material is very easy to install and comes with everything you need to build and install your dog proof fence. Another benefit with our dog fence is that it is difficult to see from distances as close as 15 to 20 feet away. Simply put, our dog proof fence will not take away from the beauty and scenery of your home or property.

The dog proof fence is constructed from high-strength, UV light resistant black polypropylene plastic that is tough and durable yet visually unobtrusive. Simple to set up and install, Best Friend Fence dog proof fence easy to maneuver and will not allow you to not only keep your dog safely and humanely contained, but will also keep out unwanted critters. Our dog proof fence is shipped directly to you in rolls that are easy to move and handle and the fence is currently available in a variety of heights and lengths to meet the needs of any yard or property. If you are interested in purchasing our dog proof fence please make sure to check out our dog proof fence kits are the economical, humane way to protect your property and your furry friend.

In order to make installation of our dog proof fence as simple a process as possible we offer a wide range of time saving accessories. If you need any assistance or have questions about our dog proof fence systems please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members.

Details on the Best Friend Product Line

Support Posts

If you live in area that does not contain any trees then you will need to use our support posts in order to properly install the dog proof fence. Trees naturally create an excellent support system for the dog fence and should be utilized wherever possible.

Zip Ties

Our zip ties are available in two versions including the heavy duty ties and standard ties. The zip ties are used to attach the fencing material to the support posts to make sure that your dogs are not able to escape and that no other animals including deer are able to get on to your property. The standard zip tie can handle up to 50 pounds of break-strength and the heavy duty ties can handle up to 120 pounds with the dog proof fence.

Ground Stakes

One of the most important accessories with our dog proof fence is the ground stakes. These should be used every three feet to ensure that your pet or dog is not able to climb under the fence and will lock it in place. They are specifically designed to make sure that the stakes never slip out. The ground stakes are available in 10", 12" or 18" sizes depending on the soil type in your area. Please make sure to review the ground stakes page before purchasing your dog proof fence.

Access Gates

Each of our access gates for our dog proof fence allow you to get through the fence at certain areas and they are currently offered in various sized to meet your needs. Each of the gates comes with all of the necessary attachments for installation but you will still need extra fencing to cover the frame. Please take a look at our access gate page for the latest sizes and prices that are currently being offered.

Driveway Gates

Similar to our access gates but only much bigger to allow you access to your driveway with our dog proof fence. These gates are sized to fit any width up to 14 feet and all of the support posts and hardware are included. You just need the extra fencing material to fill the frame. Please visit the driveway gates page to view our current prices.

Driving Cap

Constructed of solid steel and is inserted into each support post so that you are able to hammer each post in without causing any damage to rim of the insert. One driving cap will typically last for 50 sleeve installs with our dog proof fence.

Chew Guard

The chew guard will help to keep other rodents from being able to gnaw and chew on the fence material. Though our fence will protect your dog from being able to chew through the fence, our chew guard provides an extra layer of protection on our dog proof fence. For a listing of the current sizes and prices available please make sure to visit our chew guard page for some great deals.

Corner Braces

Our corner braces are recommended when you have to use support posts instead of trees to assemble the dog proof fence. Use these braces in the corner to support the fence and all of the necessary equipment is included.

If you have any questions about our dog proof fence please make sure to contact us and we will assist you. If you are ready to order a dog proof fence please visit our dog kits page for the latest prices. We look forward to working with you in the future.