Support Posts

Support Posts for Dog Fences

The support posts are to be utilized for supporting our dog fences in areas void of trees. Trees make excellent vertical supports for Best Friend Fence and should be utilized wherever possible with our dog fences.

The spacing on Heavy Duty Posts is 15' – 18'. Spacing between trees can be as much as 20' for your dog fences.

Heavy Duty Posts for Dog Fences

Our Heavy Duty Post is our premium post for our dog fences. It offers a high-strength, 1 5/8" black-coated steel post, 30” ground sleeve and black vinyl post cap (these eliminate any digging of holes or getting on ladders to drives posts).

Our dog fences are very easy to install. Simply drive the sleeve into the ground with a sledgehammer with the help of one of our driving caps (one cap lasts for up to 20-25 posts) and then just slide the post right in! This system is an incredible time and labor saver for installing our dog fences.

Heavy Duty posts should be used when creating enclosures for dogs that are large or aggressive, and may push hard against our dog fences.

Support Posts for Dog Fences

Our support posts are made of black-coated steel. They offer a strong and lightweight post at a low cost for our dog fences.

The support posts are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer, and are to be spaced 10' - 12' apart. No Driving Cap necessary.