Gift Ideas For Someone Who Just Adopted a Puppy

Posted by Best Friend Fence on 12/30/2020
Gift Ideas For Someone Who Just Adopted a Puppy

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting and overwhelming time. 1.6 million dogs are adopted from shelters each year. If you know someone who has recently adopted a puppy maybe you’re thinking about buying them a gift to celebrate their new arrival.

But trying to find the right gift for a particular puppy might seem like a difficult task, especially if you’re not a dog owner yourself. Well, look no further. We’ve got some great gift ideas for pet owners that will not only put a smile on a puppy’s face, but they’ll even help make raising a puppy easier!

Personalized Bowls

What better way to make the new puppy feel like a member of the family than it’s own personalized food bowl? Treat your friends to a unique bowl for food and treats with the puppy’s name on it. Just make sure they’ve settled on the name first! 

If the new puppy is a french bulldog, then you should definitely take a look at the best french bulldog gifts for that extra personalized touch. 

Puppy Grooming Kits

Keeping a puppy clean and insect free is an essential task for new puppy parents. Why not make the job at hand a little easier by treating them to a puppy grooming kit. Here are a few ideas of what you could include in your puppy grooming kit:

  • Dog grooming clippers
  • Puppy friendly shampoo
  • Dog coat spray
  • Lice and tick treatments
  • Dog hairbrush
  • Puppy dental health kit

You’re unlikely to find all of these items in one complete kit, so why not get inventive and throw in some treats too.

Teething Toys

Just like babies, when a puppy’s teeth start to come through they can experience discomfort. Chewing helps to alleviate the pain, which is one of the reasons puppies seem to explore the world with their mouths. Teething toys are a great way to distract a puppy's incessant biting from hands and furniture.

Snuggle Toys

When you adopt a puppy there is going to be a transition period as it is getting used to being away from the rest of the litter. Puppies love to snuggle.

To help keep the puppy feeling warm and safe you could invest in a snuggle toy for him/her. Snuggle toys look a lot like plush puppies and often come with a heat pack and realistic pulsing heartbeat to mimic the company of a real puppy.

Puppy Books 

If you want to go down the educational and super useful route then why not help the puppy preparation by buying a puppy training book. There might not be a one size fits all approach to training a puppy, but training books are often breed-specific. They cover all the essentials such as toilet training your puppy, teaching them to walk with you off the leash, and even stopping them from chewing up the furniture.

Who’s Adopted a Puppy?

If you know someone who’s adopted a puppy then these five great gift ideas can help welcome the new member of the family to its new home. There are so many puppy gift ideas out there that you might want to just use this as a starting point. From puppy clothes to puppy growth journals, the choices are endless!

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