Horse Fence

Horse Fencing from Best Friend Fence

At Best Friend Fence we provide a durable and safe horse fencing product at an affordable price. It is important to us to provide the best materials available to make sure that your horses stay within a designated area of the horse fencing and to keep other animals out. With our experience with other dependable products such as dog fencing, deer fencing, and rabbit fencing, you know that you will be counting on a company with knowledge and the experience necessary to create a great product. Our horse fencing is no exception.

We use only the strongest and most durable material for our horse fencing. This is all done without the use of electric wires or typical unattractive fences. Our horse fencing is constructed of high-strength polypropylene plastic and is barely visible from distances as close as 15 feet! The material used to create the horse fencing is all shipped in an easy to install roll and are available is range or different lengths and heights to meet the needs of your property.

Mesh horse fencing is designed to keep predators off your property while keeping your horses safely contained. If you have dogs or other animals that you are concerned about then our horse fencing is definitely the right decision for you. Our friendly staff at Best Friend Fence can assist you with setting up your horse fence. As with all of our fencing products they are designed to last a long time and improve the conditions for your animals while keeping them safe and protected.

The idea behind our horse fencing is to protect and contain your horses without the common issues associated with the cost of upkeep. Our horse fencing can withstand the demands of nature, animals, and other factors that you will feel safe knowing that our horse fencing is built to last. This fencing is best used in conjunction with other fencing products or fence types to maintain the strength and integrity of the fence over time.

Our functional horse fencing will quickly install and will not rust or rot like other horse fencing materials. The fence is designed to be light so it is easy to handle and set up. The horse fencing will add beauty and stability to your stable and protect your horses at the same time. Our horse fencing is basically maintenance free and many people have come to trust our horse fencing.

On our web site you will find lots of accessories to make the installation of your horse fencing easy and secure. This includes such products as support posts, access gates, and ground stakes. If you have any questions about how to set up your horse fencing or want to order, please make sure to contact us.

When ordering this product, it is best to call and speak to a customer service rep who can help determine what systems and types are best for you.