Which height dog fence should I use?

If you have very small dogs - e.g. Pekinese, West Highland Terriers, miniature breeds, etc., then the 4' fence in the 100' or the 200' foot length should be fine. If you have a medium sized dog, or a small dog that likes to dig, we would suggest the 5' fence for the medium dog and for the little diggers, you can "flare" one foot of the fencing onto the ground (in towards the enclosure) to prevent the animal from digging under the fence. Ground stakes should be placed every 5' or closer at this bend in the fence. They should be driven in on the inside of the enclosure, and on an angle. This will keep the fencing tight to the ground and prevent the barrier from developing any openings that could tempt your little escape artist to dig under or squeeze through.

Which posts should I use for my dog fence - the "Heavy Duty" or the "U" Posts?

If your dog is small and not very aggressive, then the "U" Posts are more than adequate. Placement is every 10' to 12', or in between trees when the trees are more than 20 feet apart. If your dog is large, or the type that likes to jump on the fence, then we would suggest using our Heavy Duty Posts, which are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate the different heights of fencing. These can be spaced 15' to 18' apart, or in between trees which are 20 feet or more apart.

Can my dog chew through the fencing?

A dog's front teeth are pointed (canines) and are intended to penetrate, not chew. It is difficult to impossible for most dogs to get their mouth far enough into the fence grid to be able to use their rear teeth to gnaw through the fence.

This is a very infrequent occurrence however; but should any holes begin to develop, we also offer "Chew" Guard to overlap along the bottom. This 1" steel mesh (similar to chicken wire) is coated with a flexible black vinyl coating, and is rolled out and attached over the polypropylene material along the bottom 2' – 3' of the Best Friend Fence. This material is typically added later if chewing does in fact occur. As mentioned, most dogs will typically not bother attempting to chew the fencing. A small price to pay for not having to deal with a shock-inflicting collar!

What fencing should I use if I have a large breed like a St. Bernard, Golden Retriever or Labrador?

If you are concerned about your large breed dog leaning on the 5' or 6' high fence or jumping it, we also offer Best Friend Fence in 7 ½' heights. For this height fencing we would also suggest using our Nylon Tension Cable along the top. This will help keep the fence from "dipping" and strengthen the top so that if your large dog leans against the fence, the cable won't allow it to sag.

I have a large breed that is very aggressive. Do you offer a fence that can withstand my dog charging into it?

We do offer a version of Best Friend Fence that is 65% stronger than our standard fencing. This material can withstand most abuse that a larger dog can dish out (aside from chewing). It is available in a 5' height, and Heavy Duty Posts should be used with this fence, along with the Nylon Tension Cable across the top. This fence also comes in a 7 ½ ' height. We have been selling this particular material as deer exclusion for many years now, so this gives you an idea of the strength of this fence. If you will be simultaneously keeping deer out and dogs in, then this is the product of choice, and you should also reinforce the fence 3' off the ground with Tension Cable to give it even more strength and durability.

How long does this dog fencing last, and can weather effect it?

The Standard Fencing should last at least 10 to 12 years. The Heavy-Duty fence will last 12 – 15+ years. They are both UV protected, will not become brittle even in the coldest temperatures, and can withstand any type of weather.

Can this fence be set up temporarily?

Absolutely. Especially if you use the Heavy Duty Posts, which come with sleeves, you can remove the posts any time you wish and simply roll the fencing up with the posts still attached! The sleeves remain in the ground and can be covered with caps. If at any time in the future you wish to re-erect the fencing, simply drop the posts with the fence still attached right back into the same sleeves.

How large are the openings and what is the material constructed from?

The openings are about 1.75" x 1.75". Extruded, UV stable polypropylene.

Can I install this myself?

Most of our customers do install this fencing themselves. It is lightweight, easy to put up, and your best friend will thank you… WOOF, WOOF!