Rabbit Fence

Rabbit Fence from Best Friend Fence

If you are serious about your gardening or just want to keep rabbits out of your yard, our rabbit fence is the perfect solution for you! Many people get unwanted animals going in to their garden and don't want to have to spend a fortune to keep them out. We offer a reliable and affordable rabbit fence that will keep unwanted animals from entering your garden in a humane way. Unlike electric fences or other harmful fences, our rabbit fence is constructed of polypropylene plastic and will not harm the animals.

Best Friend Fence is known for selling reliable and built-to-last products such as our deer fence, dog fence, and horse fence. Our rabbit fence product is no exception. We offer our rabbit fence in a variety of different sizes and many accessories as well. You can even use our rabbit fence to keep your pet rabbit in the yard.

Installing our rabbit fence is very easy. Just unroll the fence material that we send to you and attach it to the posts to make the perimeter any size that you wish. You can even use our 7.5 foot high rabbit fence to keep animals as large as deer out of your yard or garden. Also available is our ground stakes to use with our rabbit fence to make sure no animals can get in or out.

If you are interested in placing an order for our rabbit fence or have a question, please make sure to contact us and our friendly staff with get back to you.